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Field Application Engineer

Job Description

  • Responsible for overall regional market planning, formulation of specific operation strategies, tracking daily tasks such as inventory and accounts receivable, and periodically supervising and executing management.
  • Participate in the company's annual sales plan customization, responsible for formulating performance appraisal schemes for regional sales staff, reward and punishment measures, sales allocation systems, and organizing their implementation.
  • Responsible for visiting, maintaining, and establishing stable cooperative relationships with upstream and downstream partners in the region, and developing, expanding, and negotiating with potential customers.
  • Responsible for collecting information on competitive product prices, sales channels, and promotional means in the region, investigating, analyzing, and forecasting the market conditions in this sales district, and communicating with supervisory leaders at any time to take countermeasures.
  • Responsible for creating a harmonious region, building an excellent team, training and guiding subordinates, and establishing a talent echelon.
  • Assist in completing other tasks assigned by superior leaders and the company.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree or above, aged 23-45, gender not specified.
  • 2-3 years or more of relevant experience in electronic component sales and promotion, familiar with CRM workflow.
  • Possess good foundational knowledge in digital or analog circuits, and an understanding of basic semiconductor device knowledge and process flow.
  • Possess excellent communication, coordination, and interpersonal skills, ability to work in a team and across departments, and stress resistance.
  • Those with expertise in market marketing, financial management, law, or related fields are preferred.
  • Ability to independently plan, develop, and operate the regional market, with rich experience in team management, implementation, assessment, and supervision to complete the company's various task indicators.
  • Responsible, honest and pragmatic, team spirit.

Career Advancement

Division General Manager, Vice President of the Company, Business Partner.

Salary Package

Base salary + Bonus + Equity (salary negotiable).

Job Benefits

Five social insurances and one housing fund, additional personal insurance, weekends off, annual leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, irregular internal and external training, team trips, gatherings and activities, afternoon tea, and festival benefits.

Work Location

Shenzhen, Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuhan.

Contact Us

Kathleen (Global Sales)

Tel / Skype / WeChat: 15625588763
Email: linkaimin@hengsen.cn

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